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What is the One-way Backlink Tricker Wordpress Plugin?

A one-way backlink is better then any kind of link partnering (such as ACB linking). I developed a Wordpress Plugin that tricks your (automatic) link partners, for example web directories. Most web directories ask a link in exchange. My Wordpress Plugin tricks those automatic backlink checkers, so it seems like there is a link in exchange. This way you get a one-way backlink to your website. You can also trick real persons with this plugin, however it's not really nice. Well thats your own choice, I just provide the plugin... ;-)

Why should you use it?

How does the Wordpress Plugin work?

In stead of typing your linkpartner page (example: http://yourdomain.com/links/) into the required backlink field of a web directory, you type http://yourdomain.com/links/?owbt=1 Notice the extra variable (owbt) in the URL. Based on this variable it shows the backlink or not. Besides that the backlink is stored into a cookie, so it's still visible when a real-person-checker revisits the website.

3 steps to get the plugin...

  1. Create Account: Enter your email address and you will receive your password by mail. Enter your email address
  2. Login and buy the plugin via Paypal.
  3. Download & Copy the Wordpress Plugin files into the Wordpress Plugin directory: /wp-content/plugins/. Login into your Wordpress Admin and activate the Wordpress Plugin.

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