What is the Google Adwords MAX CPA script?

Google is removing the MAX CPA option from the Google Adwords Conversion Optimizer (source: https://support.google.com/adwords/answer/3290319). The only option that is left is the Target CPA option. I developed a script that replaces the MAX CPA option, not only replaces but optimizes even better!

You should use it because:

Read here why my script optimizes your campaign better then the previous MAX CPA option:

The previous MAX CPA option is based on adgroup level and not on keyword level. The CPA on adgroup level is an average over all keywords in that adgroup. The result of this is that you end up bidding on the wrong keywords and that will cost you a lot of money! Let me explain this in an example: in the first table you see an average campaign that used the Target CPA option. In the second table you see the results after the use of my script.

Example: Target CPA option of Google Adwords

AdgroupCPCClicksCostsConversion %ConversionsCPA
Keyword 1€ 0,601000€ 6001%10€ 60
Keyword 2€ 0,101000€ 1005%50€ 2
Keyword 3€ 0,301000€ 3003%30€ 10
TOTAL  € 1000 90€ 11,11

Example: Google Adwords MAX CPA script

AdgroupCPCClicksCostsConversion %ConversionsCPA
Keyword 1€ 0,10100 € 101%1€ 10
Keyword 2€ 0,25 to € 0,502000 € 500 to € 10005%100€ 5 to € 10
Keyword 3€ 0,301000€ 3003%30€ 10
TOTAL  € 810 to € 1310  131 € 5 to € 10

Results after the use of my script


How does it work?

First of all, you set up your MAX CPA per campaign and the script does the rest of the work. When running the Google Adwords Script it scans all the keywords of the campaign. Per keyword it calculates the new CPC based on historical click conversion rates and your MAX CPA setting. If there are not enough recent clicks, the script will look further in the past to get a proper click conversion rate of the keyword.

The value for you

I sell my script for only €189. The value for you is very depending on the average spend in Adwords. If my script saves you €10 a day, you get your money back in 18 days. After that it's pure profit for you. Besides that you can lean back a bit more and let the script do the work ;-) I use the script myself for multiple campaigns and I constantly keep improving it. After you bought the script once, you have life-time access to the updated versions.

Buy my script and start optimizing your campaigns right now, setup takes only 5 minutes...

  1. Enter your email address and you will receive your password by mail. Enter your email address
  2. Login with your password and buy the script. You can pay safe and easy via Paypal.
  3. Login into your Google Adwords account and go to Bulk operations -> Scripts.
  4. Create a new script by pushing the red button and fill in a name of your choice.
  5. Make the textbox empty and copy my script into the textbox.
  6. Replace the highlighted text with the exact names of your campaigns and set a maximum CPA. You can add an extra campaign with a comma.
    var CAMPAIGNS = {'CAMPAIGN NAME 1': '0.10'};
    var CAMPAIGNS = {'CAMPAIGN NAME 1': '0.10', 'CAMPAIGN NAME 2': '0.20', 'CAMPAIGN NAME 3': '0.30'};
  7. Authorize the script by clicking on the "Authorize now" button.
  8. Execute the script by clicking on the "Preview" button. Please check the CPC adjustments under the "changes section" before you continue!
  9. If the example is performed as desired, you can run/schedule the script.

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