How to get more Relevant Twitter Followers?

Don't buy Twitter Followers

You see the ads every where: "Buy 1000 Twitter Followers". Yes, you get the 1000 followers but most likely:

Get Real and Relevant Followers

It takes more time then buying followers, but you will get better results:

How does it work?

Let me explain the trick...

Based on your searchquery my tools searches for relevant Twitter Accounts (competitors). Now comes the trick, the tool starts following the followers of those related Twitter Acounts. These followers are most likely following your competitors because they like it (or even better, are paying client!). In other words, they are very relevant and you want them to follow you as well: this is a potential client!

So.. how do YOU know that my tool works?

Simple, because I use it myself :) I'm using the tool myself for the Twitter account of HJ's ToolBox (Check it here: I started a few weeks ago (February 2015) with 20 followers. The tool is now searching for related Twitter Accounts with the searchquery "marketing tools".

Adjustable settings

The tool is flexible, you can adjust the following settings per Twitter Account:

Follower quality filter

The tool is following only accounts within the following quality conditions:

Try it out yourself, 3 steps to get started:

  1. Enter your email address and you will receive your password by mail. Enter your email address
  2. Login with your password and start your 7-day Free Trial.
  3. Connect your Twitter Account, enter your searchquery and just wait for relevant followers.

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