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Complaints procedure

I do strive for an optimal user experience. However, it may happen that there are problems. When that is the case then I advise you to send an email to . I will try to solve the problems as soon as possible and compensate when needed. A compensation will always be paid in a subscription (period) and never in euros.

Performance of the tools in HJ's ToolBox

I will try to get the tools to function as well as possible. However, I can not guarantee that everything works optimally. External problems may arise where I don't have direct influence. I therefore have the right to stop or change this service at any time if there are external problems.

Risk & responsibility

The use of my tools is at your own risk. HJ Webdevelopment is not responsible for damages from any cause whatsoever to property or persons caused by or related to the use of my tools.

Identity of the company

Name entrepreneur: Harm Jan Bosscher
Operating under the name / names: HJ Webdevelopment
KvK-number: 58832009

Business address:
Linnaeusplein 27
9713 GN Groningen
The Netherlands

Monday / Sunday from 09:00 to 23:00 CET.

Harm Jan Bosscher

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